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Yife's demopage, themes

Do you want to see a working example of yife, before starting right away? It is possible! Here you can find a link to a page you could have created yourself, the links on it are only examples, you can fill in the page just like you wish.

Yife demo-page

You can set the look and feel of your own homepage to whatever you like using themes. Herebelow you can see some examples of the possibilities.

Easy Green Easy Blue Easy Red Easy Grey Easy Black Aluminium Bronze Glossy Fox Glossy Grass Glossy Lipstick Glossy Metal Glossy Sea Glossy Sun Yife Black Orange

Do you have an idea for a new theme? Take a screenshot of your own startpage, change it to your likings, and send it to webmaster@yife.be. We would be happy to add it!


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