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About yife: bookmarks anywhere & allways available, our own concept, free of charge

Yife is an online bookmarking application: Create your own website, import your bookmarks, or enter them manually, and you always have your bookmarks at your fingertips.

What is Yife

Why should I save my bookmarks online? Well, the biggest advantage of saving your bookmarks online is the availability: If you know where to find them, you always have them available. All of them. Whether you are on your own computer, the one at school, at the office, or in an internet cafe. Just type in your own homepage's address (you can set it yourself!), and there you go. No more troubles with synchronizing bookmarks, another operating system or another browser. Even if you do a complete reinstall of your system, you do not have to care about your bookmarks. Just point your browser to the right page afterwards, and you are back in business!

Your links are not shown in a public place, thus we cannot call it a social bookmarking (like eg. delicious), and only you decide which links are on your homepage, so it is not a linkpage too. It is just our own concept: Yife!

Despite all these interesting advantages, yife can be used free of charge! On your homepage some non-disturbing advertisement is placed. But even this is rather an important extra than a burden: This way you can discover new sites daily, related to your own links! Or how annoying advertisement can be converted into added functionality!

Want to see all this in a working example? Please go to our demo-page, which tells you even more about Yife!


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