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News item: Yife as the first Aurealis project

Since the beginning of 2009 Koen Piers, the developer and maintainer of Yife, started his own company: Aurealis. The main focus of Aurealis is to develop quality online applications, and thus Yife fits in perfectly!

Long has Koen been dreaming about his own company, where he has the possibility to work on his own creations, and use all of his skills to the max.

Since January 1st that company has been created: It's called Aurealis, and its main focus is online application development, next to webdevelopment in general (website development, email marketing, SEO) and even application development.

Yife has been integrated in Aurealis' portfolio, as it is an excellent example of an online application Aurealis has created.

Please take a look at the website of Aurealis, and contact us for any information. Please note the website of Aurealis does only exist in Dutch, but Koen speaks English well enough to understand your questions.

19-01-2009 16:01, © The Yife Team

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